The US Department of Health recommends North Americans “increase the amount and variety of seafood they consume – 20% of total recommended intake of protein foods of a variety of seafood is recommended. This recommendation contributes to the prevention of heart disease. The recommendation is to consume seafood for the total package of benefits that seafood provides, including its EPA and DHA content.” – Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010.

It is because of these words – echoed by health professionals around the world – that this website was created. Because instead of acting on these smart recommendations, seafood consumers get caught in a net of politics, marketing and de-marketing. It can make the trip to the seafood counter a confusing experience.

Is the catfish “American made” or of Asian descent? Did the prawns contribute to the destruction of Mangrove forests? Is your fish farmed or wild – and why does that matter? What does wild-caught really mean? Why is my seafood labeled “color added” in California? If seafood doesn’t have an eco-label sticker on it, does that mean I shouldn’t buy it? Did the fishery that caught the fish include incidental catch that was wasted?

“Pass the beef please ’cause I haven’t heard anything about that stuff lately.”

This website aims to discuss the harmful actions of activists, politicians, journalists, bloggers, seafood purveyors, marketers and others that, in the haste of serving their self-interests, only serve to confuse consumers which may turn them away from a healthy food. Because turning consumers away from the smart recommendation to include more seafood in our diet is a risk to public health.

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