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The purpose of this blog is to educate the public about salmon culture in Alaska by:

Vaccination station for juvenile salmon. Tutka Lagoon, Cook Inlet, Alaska.

Vaccination station for juvenile salmon. Tutka Lagoon, Cook Inlet, Alaska.

To be clear, we support fish culture – it’s an efficient way to provide a healthy protein to over 7 billion people whilst reducing pressure on our wild fish resources that have been severely depleted over the past century.

What we take issue with is dishonest promoters of Alaska seafood who insist on covering up the fact that the Alaskan salmon industry  heavily relies on aquaculture. As history has shown, without aquaculture, Alaska would have wiped out its salmon many years ago.

We welcome you to our blog and we certainly welcome your comments, thoughts and perspective on this subject.

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  1. Hello,

    I’m curious if you’re willing to comment on why this blog/website has chosen to remain anonymous. To be clear, I can imagine many valid reasons and I don’t disagree with the practice. However it seems like potentially a way to remain comfortable in one’s own silo. It ultimately raises more questions than a blog can answer when an opinionated source chooses to remain nameless, and may ultimately undermine it’s efforts.

    Cheers, -ben

    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks for raising this question. It has been raised, and answered, a few times since we began blogging almost a decade ago. Here’s our response to why this blog chose to remain anonymous:

      Many different professionals contribute ideas and content to this blog, and some had asked to remain anonymous to avoid personal attacks that unfortunately seem to be all-too-common in this digital world. And while our blogs do offer personal opinion, they don’t offer our own fact. This is why we chose – from the beginning – to hyperlink much of our text to additional third-party sources that can also provide the reader with enough material to critically think for themselves. When we critique an article or news report, we also provide a direct link to that which we are critiquing. Should someone disagree with our thoughts and opinions, that is just fine. And, as you’ll see in our comment section we encourage a healthy debate about the message, but discourage attacking the messenger. We don’t feel that this anonymity dilutes or discredits the attempt to provide the reader with material to educate or think critically.

      Again, thanks for asking for clarification and for stopping in and having a read.


  2. I wish you would learn to use apostrophes correctly. Errors in writing make me question a writer’s credibility.

  3. Is the genetic integrity of real wild salmon put into consideration or is the introgression by farmed escapees proven to not be important to the future of wild populations of salmon?

    I just wanted to hear what people think; I’m doing a little assignment on whether farmed salmon are a threat to wild salmon.

    • Hi Daniel, an important question/distinction for your “little assignment” is: What is your definition of a “farmed” salmon?


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